Joanne Angeli

Joanne Angeli

Joanne Angeli

New Heart Coaching & Consulting, Founder

Take 100% Responsibility – It’s Your Life

Personal responsibility occurs when people take an active role in their lives by recognizing they are accountable for their success.  One hundred percent personal responsibility is demonstrated when people make choices and take actions that lead them toward their personal, educational and professional goals. Join this session to discover your level of personal responsibility and leave with actions to owning your life through college and beyond!

Get Up! Let’s Go! – Leverage Your Strengths

Just what is it that gets you excited to get things done?  In this session, you’ll begin by naming your natural strengths and what motivates you.  From there we’ll look at what you’ll avoid at all costs, what helps and hinders your personal growth, how to best communicate with others and ways to use your type to be a leader. In this session, you will learn how to tap into your core motivation and make it work for you as you face the stresses of college.

Joanne Angeli is an academic and personal development life coach, as well as founder of New Heart Coaching & Consulting. Academic Life Coaching helps students discover their individual learning styles, as well as develop positive life skills, the value of being organized and proactive, and exercising personal leadership. Learning these skills helps students avoid common pitfalls and drastically influences the upward trajectory of personal fulfillment and success.

Prior to becoming an academic life coach career, Ms. Angeli served as the CEO of a non-profit for over 15 years and was dedicated to providing financial need-based scholarships and the creation of a college readiness program.

Joanne is also a certified Life Design Catalyst coach empowering her clients to become self-experts and to build the skills and knowledge for self-directed learning.